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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream Review

I swear I've walked past this product in Guardian or Watsons like a thousand times (ok i'm exaggerating.. maybe a hundred times?) I picked this up casually last week thinking that I need a Vitamin E cream to lighten my facial scars.
Organic Aid Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream
Non-sticky and Non-greasy
After I bought it, I began looking for it's reviews. To my surprise, this is like the most "unreviewed" stuff I've ever come across. :X There are 1 or 2 reviews on blogs but they are either neutral or negative with very little information. However, on Makeupalley, this product is given a rating of 5/5. Link here.

According to their site, Organic Aid products are manufactured in Beverly Hills, California and their online distributor is situated at Santa Barbara, California BUT the back label says "Los Angeles, California" @_@"
Oh well, I'm going review this 'mysterious' product anyways..

PRICE : RM14.88 for 1 o.z. (on special sale, this can be bought at RM13+ only. So affordable!)
When I put it on that night I'm like "WHOA.. what is this stuff? It doesn't feel like a face cream. Is it for the feet or something?"... (checked the back label immediately)
word "complexion" is there
Ahh.. so this is a face cream after all.. Silly me! I found it at the face skin-care section!
just to show you the texture of the cream

- This is a white cream which is light and soft.
- It goes on nice and creamy but it leaves a waxy film after you massage it into your skin. The feeling is weird and uncomfortable at first. However, after a while, the cream is fully absorbed leaving no oily film or residue whatsoever.
- My skin felt moisturized.


Description on the site : Organic Aid products are composed of the purest combination of organic ingredients design to match the natural properties of human skin, nails and hair

Here is what's written at the back of the jar. The description and ingredients (reference for those of you who understands what these scientific jargon means).
New vitamin E moisturizing cream with amino acids is a  gentle and effective skin-care product that contains vitamin E to promote and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. And amino acids to help restore nutrients to rough skin. Our special formula also includes natural emollients for added softness, plus moisture replenishing humectants to protect against the sun and wind. One application of Vitamin E Moisturizing Cream will soothe and refresh dry, rough skin and leave it creamy-smooth and naturally beautiful.

Ingredients : Deionized Water, Glycol Monostearate, Propylene Glycol Monostearate, Diglycol Stearate, Triethanolamine, Hydrolized Amino Acids, Vitamin E (1000 I.U. d-Alpha Tocopheryl) and Fragrance.

I use this as a night cream because it is too heavy for daytime use IMO (i'm using my MAC Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme for daytime). I've been using this Vitamin E cream for a few nights now and I noticed that the moisture level of my skin have improved, skin feels softer when I wake up, flaking skin at the corner of my mouth are almost gone but scar reduction results are yet to be seen. Cross my fingers and hope it reduces my scars as well..

I hope this cream will continually improve my skin texture and condition. Gosh! I love it when I found something cheap at the drugstores and it worked out well for me..

NYX swatches and piccies coming up next!!

Stay Pretty.. Bai~


  1. i've bought it just now, then feel weird too. hope, tomorow will make me feel comfortable. heeeeee

  2. hey. so how has the cream been working for you now?

  3. ohh ddy : yah it feels weird at first but it really moisturizes my skin well.. :D

    Geetz : I've been rotating this with my other creams. I tend to reach for this less due to the weird after-feel it gives me..

  4. i've bought it just now, then feel weird too. hope, tomorow will make me feel comfortable. heeeeee

  5. may i know where you bought this?

  6. I got it from Guardian Pharmacy in Kuala Lumpur. It's available in Watsons as well.. Hope this helps~

  7. haha...can u tell me the specific place?

  8. I got mine from the skincare alley at Guardian Pharmacy, Midvalley Megamall.. :D

  9. oh..thanks for the info.^^

  10. you are welcome sweetie~

  11. i love it too!it feels so smoothing~

  12. yea.. sometimes i use it on my hands too! :D

  13. i have been using this cream since the last 10 years when i was still in Uni (i was 18). The first time i tried the cream was because i caught chicken pox that leaves the worst kind of dotted black scar on every inch of my face, i still shudder when i think about it now :p. Everyone who saw me during those awful chicken pox period practically recoiled in horror. Before the chicken pox, my facial skin was in excellent condition. The great thing with this Vitamin E is that (should you apply it religiously like i did), those horrible scars totally disappeared within 2 weeks time. By the time i started class again (had 2 weeks MC), my other classmates & housemates also started using the cream since they've seen my significant improvement. I really love this cream because it is not only for scar, it moisturises very well too, it's non-comodogenic, cheap, and i never detect any perfume from the cream, it just feels so natural, my skin always feel so smooth and supple. It may not be to everyone's taste, but it sure works for me. I drifted on and off and i've tried other moisturisers within the last 10 years, but i always return to Organic Aid's cream. I simply love it best. :)