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Friday, November 4, 2011

I can haz a toothy smile soon~

Ever wonder why I never smile wide enough to show my teeth?

It's because I'm having on metal braces. I got it about 3 years ago and it is about time I have it removed.

I used to have crooked lower teeth. Upper teeth are not that bad but the orthodontist advised me to get both upper and lower done in order to achieve the correct bite.

I've always wanted to straighten my teeth but I kept delaying it for some personal reasons. When I came out from my previous relationship, I feel quite liberated. I realized I want to do something for myself so one of the first things I did is to save up and get myself braces. I know some 'friends' are talking behind my back saying that I'm wasting my money coz my teeth are not that crooked


Looking back, I never regretted it.

In real life (not in pictures), I'm quite used to them after having them on for 3 years. I can talk, smile and laugh without being too self conscious about them.
However, for some reason, I am very shy to get my braces' pictures taken. So, I subconsciously close my mouth every time I know a camera is going to capture my picture. LOL. And here are some awkward pictures of me smiling with my strained face. -__-"
taken during my birthday last year
'smile till eyes can't open' but still refuse to show my teeth..
taken when i first started wearing braces..

My decision to straighten my teeth is IMO the best decision I ever made. I was scared at first.
WHAT IF, I look absolutely horrible with braces? (i'm very vain)
WHAT IF, my friends laugh at me? (i can't stand humiliation)
WHAT IF, people stare at my teeth?
WHAT IF, no one wants me coz I'm ugly with braces?
All these and a lot more silly things were running through my mind.

I took the plunge anyways because I felt that's what I really wanted. Against all that I thought, during my braces journey, my friends are supportive, I feel prettier than I ever felt and I found someone amazing during this time. :3  <3 The journey has been really great for me! Actually, I don't feel like removing my braces now coz I might miss it. I'm weird right? -__-

I guess, what I'm trying to say is if you feel like straightening your teeth for whatever reasons (dental health or cosmetic purposes), go ahead and do it. It is never too late no matter how old you are now. Having a better smile can really boost your confidence. There are much more advanced methods to have straighter teeth in shorter time now like Damon braces and Invisalign (invisible aligners). My favorite blogger, Xiaxue has gone through the Invisalign experience and she has perfectly straight teeth now. I absolutely love the results!!
Read her blog posts. PART 1 and PART 2. She's so funny and I frickin' love her~

Invisalign can be slightly pricey tho. To those on a budget, do not fear metal braces. Keep in mind that you won't be having the metal on your teeth for long. 1-3 years max (Damon braces only takes about 1 1/2 years) and it's not that bad. Plus, I noticed that it is so common for people to have braces that I think it's a trend nowadays..

My next ortho review will be next month and I hopefully the orthodontist will de-bond my braces by then and I can show you guys the result!
meanwhile, show you ugly betty -__-"

Until my next post, stay awesome~ XOXO~~

Pam (May Yue)


  1. Awww sweetie! Don't be insecure with your teeth! Actually....I guess Im not the right person to say that since I am too hahaha I had braces too and I've got to say you've got guts to go through it because you wanted to! Mines was half forced but honestly, it's also one of the best things I've done too! You're almost done too!!!! Then you can have big smiles!!! =DDD

  2. Aw.. Thankyou Suki for you encouragement . Now, I'm nervous to take of my braces.. :X

  3. dammm... I so so so need braces =_=" But hate that it'll be awkward to kiss someone (any comments on this? LOL) and I cant eat alot of stuff =((((

  4. You can eat pretty much everything after the pain subsided in a few days. no worries babe~ and the kissing part, no complains so far.. #LOL.jpg