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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

L'egere Multi White BB Cream

Hey hey~ I've found a nice BB cream to share with y'all~

It is the L'egere Multi White BB Cream.
I don't know whether you all realize that I seldom post make-up related post for the past few months. I'm supposed to be on a 'make-up diet'. That means I should buy as least possible until I finish my other make-up. :/
As you all seen now, I've failed miserably because I've bought 3 different BB creams to try last month. :(
I 'think' I was having withdrawal syndrome.. :P I was shaking and sweating (sort of) when I saw make-up so I INDULGED!!

OKAY! Enough rambling. Let's get into the review~

RM?? (i forgot! i should have kept the receipt) for 50g of products from a shop at Midvalley. I don't know the name too coz I remember that it is in Chinese word and I can't read Chinese. -__-" #bloggerfail

Simple and nice squeeze tube. Like it~
the outer box
the tube

i don't know what this pic is for but i thought i'll just include it


This BB cream is very dark in color. I'm like
see how dark?
I thought "There's no way that could match me. I should have try it on first!!" *face palm*

Then I blended it out, I'm like

it turns into a lighter color and matches my skin perfectly
And... I LOVE IT!!

no noticeable smell..

This BB creams gives me a light to medium coverage. I give it a 4/10 coverage rating. Not very build able thus not suitable for people that need a lot of coverage. One thin layer is enough for me. If I pile on anymore, I'll look oily..

I love the finish of this. Looks extremely natural with a nice glow. Doesn't look like I'm wearing foundation at all. Usually I don't set this with powder because I still can't find any powder that doesn't break me out.

For the first few days, I blended it into my skin using my fingers. I find that this method sometimes gives me a streaky finish. Then I tried patting it in. This gives better coverage but still not satisfactory. Lastly, I tried buffing and stippling it on with my Sigma F80. PERFECT! No streakiness and it gives me the even, thin layer that I want.

I really like this BB cream and I've been frequently wearing it. Especially on lazy days where I want minimal make-up and no mascara, I'll just wear a thin layer of this BB cream, some liner and a pair of nerdy spectacles, I'm good to go.
It is not drying, not too oily, doesn't settle into my pores or lines, covers enough and quite lasting. I do have to blot with tissue about 3-4 times a day with this. That's because I oil up quite easily on the nose area plus I'm not wearing any setting powder. It's no biggie for me. It's like that with most of the other foundations I wear.
Another thing is, although the description says 'sun protect', this BB cream doesn't indicate how much SPF it gives. So, I wore another sunscreen underneath it just no be sure.
I've been rotating between this BB cream and another BB cream I'll review in the near future. I love that one too! I will repurchase this if it ever runs out.

a pic of me wearing the L'egere Multi White BB cream
only with some blush on cheeks..
no powder on top..
sorry forgot to put on some lip color.. look pale here..

Have you tried this before? Do you like it as I do? ^_^

Until the next post, stay awesome.. XOXO~

Pam (May Yue)


  1. Your blog posts always make me laugh! I have thought about getting Dr. Jart's B.B. Cream but I don't know yet.

  2. :D
    Dr. Jart! That's in my 'To Try' list! You're thinking the silver one or the black one?

  3. i've tried this and like it too. there's also skin79 and the dior bb scream which I really like. do you like thinner texture or thicker texture bb cream?

  4. I like thinner texture because i think it feels more comfortable on. However, i don't mind the texture so much as long as it gives me a nice finish. :D
    Dior bb cream? ok i'll keep that in mind. ^_^ thanks for sharing what you like!

  5. Gave up on BB creams as none suit my skin colour. I'm too yellow =/

  6. don't give up yet! bb cream is fun~
    ermm.. i heard theres one yellow one.. its something called candy bar bb cream or something like tat. not sure if i got the name right. but got it..

  7. wow! I really love how it blends so well! It does look really dark at first and I too will be so shock to use!!
    I really love how you used memes >< so funny!

    First time here and already love your blog! Folllowed! <3

  8. wow thanks for reading and following. i really appreciate it.
    i read your blog. love it too~ followed back~ ^_^