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Friday, January 28, 2011

Dolly Wink Eyelashes by Tsubasa Masuwaka

I LOVE Dolly Wink Eyelashes 
by Tsubasa Masuwaka (Popteen Model)!!

I got my first set of Dolly Wink lashes back last year during my Chinese New Year (CNY) shopping and remembered that I cringed when I saw the price tag at SASA (RM55.90 for 2 pairs of lashes). The promoter at SASA strongly recommended it so I took it anyways. Still don't know what is Dolly Wink and who is Tsubasa back then.. LOL! Dolly Wink #4 Feminine Style is the one she's trying to promote (I suspect that's the only one left at that time because I didn't see other choices there). According to her, it's selling like hot cakes.. (I did not take pics of #4.. I will do so next time)

I applied it on CNY and I really like how it looks. That's how my Dolly Wink adventure began. (FML! It's so pricey!!)

Few months later, found out my friend now sells Dolly Wink Products online and it's cheaper than SASA. (RM49 for 2 pairs)
There, I bought my second box of Dolly Wink #1 Dolly Sweet. I ordered the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner too. Lurve it!! Below are some piccies of how I look like wearing it..

eyes closed

freaky weird pic taken from below 
(just trying to show how the lashes look like)

2 "hiao" pics of me wearing Dolly Wink #1 Dolly Sweet on 2 different days. There are many ways to 'wear' these lashes depending on how you angle them. I like to wear it natural by not angling them too high up. (If you don't understand what I'm saying here, you can email me)

Here's my friend's facebook link if you are interested.

These lashes last, last and lasts.. I worn this pair countless times and I still haven't touch the other pair (1 box contains 2 pairs). I took care and cleanse my falsies using a cleanser name BISON Tsukemagic Artificial Eyelash Cleanser. This stuff is amazing. Works like a charm. Got it from SASA also.. For how to clean your lashes, CLICK HERE!
BISON Tsukemagic Artificial Eyelash Cleanser

Recently, I ordered my third box of Dolly Wink eyelashes which is Dolly Wink #2 Sweet Girly for the coming CNY. I'm eagerly waiting for it to arrive.. :))) RAWR~
I'll post a pic of me wearing it after CNY.. wait wait wait~

Here's some pics of the lashes up-close and how it looks like when Tsubasa wears them. I absolutely <3 these advert photos..


Dolly Wink #1 Dolly Sweet
#1 Dolly Sweet

Dolly Wink #2 Sweet Girly
#2 Sweet Girly

Dolly Wink #3 Natural Girly
#3 Natural Girly

Dolly Wink #4 Feminine Style
#4 Feminine Style


Dolly Wink #5 Real Nude
#5 Real Nude

Dolly Wink #6 Baby Cute
#6 Baby Cute

Dolly Wink #7 Vivid Pop
#7 Vivid Pop

Dolly Wink #8 Pure Little
#8 Pure Little

(P/S : Will update the post with me wearing lashes #2 in the future)

Okie that's all.. I'm happy looking at all these nais pics of Tsubasa.. Kawaiii~~~

~Stay Pretty.. Bai~

Random Cute Stuff #4

Birdies or Floofballs?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My New Wallet

Nao that I've burnt a big hole in my wallet with my MAC haul, I officially declare that I need a new wallet.. :P

On my shopping trip at Sunway Pyramid the other day, I'm ecstatic to FINALLY found a wallet that I like. I've gone around without a wallet for about a year already nao. I always just chuck my money and small change into my sling bag and it's always a hassle to have to dig around inside to find my money when i have to buy something. And the bag doesn't have a zip so money could easily fall out. Try walking behind me, maybe you'll find a lot of money.. I just can't find a wallet that I like enough to buy!! -__-"

Now I've found this gem at a shop called Offline Blogshop at Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid and it's not  pink!! LOL!!

My New Wallet~
Here are some more pics of it..

Laid Flat
Inside (Laid Flat)
Coin Compartment
I know some may not like designs like this. But I am very attracted to it because I'm queer? I think it looks quirky, unique, girly, vintage and colorful!! I am super happy with it~~

Offline Blogshop's website is This shop is fun. It's like treasure hunt. You'll never know what you'll find. The shop is really small and have MANY shelves and racks. Every nook and cranny have different things from different sellers, from lingerie, t-shirts, dresses to bags, wallets and accessories. Go and try some treasure hunting! You'll never know what you find there..

Hope you like my sharing.. I'm gonna hit the sack nao~

~Stay Pretty.. Bai~

Recent MAC Haul

My recent shopping trips to Sunway Pyramid are pretty fruitful. Just wanted to share some stuff that I bought.

I went to MAC and visited my friend who was a make-up artist (MUA) there. I wanted a highlighter/shimmering powder to get nice glowy skin but ended up buying a lot more because I'm a make-up junkie. Can't resist when I see really pretty outcomes from my makeover..

MAC haul Day 1
MAC haul Day 2

The items consist of :

1) MAC Gana Blush (New and Limited Edition Blush from MAC Mickey Contractor). It is described as a "bright white gold" blush with a frost finish. I use it as a highlighter to give a bit of sheen to my face for a healthy, glowy look.
MAC Gana Blush

2) MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in #NC20. I just found out I'm a MAC NC20 which is like the universal way to describe your skin-tone/shade in the cyber world. -__-"
MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in #NC20

3) MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in #NW15. My setting powder is hitting pan so I'm not impulse buying here (in denial).. My MUA friend match me to NW15 to counter the yellowness in my Studiofix NC20..
MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in #NW15

4) MAC Small Duo Fibre Brush in #188. I've finally bought my dream brush!! (kind of) Because actually I'm lusting for the MAC Duo Fibre Brush in #187 (bigger one) but I'm over budgeted so I ended up getting the smaller one which is #188. My friend says it works the same..
MAC Small Duo Fibre Brush in #188

So, I went home happy with my 4 items.. and ended up in MAC again 1 week later because I fell in love with the samples my MUA friend gave me. FML! I ended up buying all 3 of them.. They are :

5) MAC Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme. This is a lightweight and gel-like moisturiser. Fell in love because it is the first time ever I enjoyed putting on moisturiser. My skin doesn't feel icky at all yet it does it's work in moisturising my dehydrated skin. Smells nais too! LOVE LOVE LOVE~~
MAC Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme

6) MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF50. A lightweight, fast absorbing, oil-free, invisible primer and sunblock in a bottle. What's not to love?
MAC Prep+Prime Face Protect SPF50

7) MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink. I just can't NOT BUY this TLC. I fell in love at the first application. It gives me that MLBB (My-Lips-But-Better) look. Gives my lips a perfect sheen (not the oily "i-just-ate-fried-chicken" look). I love the smell, the taste and the way it makes my lips oh so soft and kissable~ MUAH MUAH~
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink

OK.. That's all for my MAC haul.. I did not regret buying any item that I bought because all are really great. I'm using them all daily. So, it's worth it although I burnt a big hole in my wallet.. (T_T) 

(P/S : Oh yea.. I wanted to get the MAC Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick too but it's out-of-stock + discontinued.. *Sniff Sniff*)

~Stay Pretty.. Bai~

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rimmel Airy Fairy Review

All these while I am a lipgloss girl. I own a few lipsticks but I don't use them for a few different reasons. I don't like the smell, the color and how it feels on my lips. I stumble upon Rimmel at my local drugstore 1 years ago. Since then, I'm a convert. I still like lipglosses but I find myself wearing lipstick more and more nowadays. I felt that it makes me look polished and presentable..

Rimmel London was newly launched in Malaysia back then. I remembered looking at the wide variety of colors not knowing which to choose. Then I saw Airy Fairy and recalled that one of my favorite beauty guru was raving about it. I picked that up and it's RM19.90 only. Super affordable!!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Airy Fairy 
(I couldn't capture a picture that truly reflects the real color
on the tube so I grabbed this 2 pics from google images)

Color Code 070 Airy Fairy
Useless pic of the bar code and where it's made in..
A little something about my skin-tone. I'm a MAC NC15-20. NC20 oxidizes and became a little dark on me while NC15 is too white for me. I guess I'm in between. 

On me, Airy Fairy is a gorgeous nude, pink lipstick with mauve/purple undertones. It glides on creamy and smooth and gives a fairly lasting finish. I wouldn't say this is moisturizing but it has a nice consistency, not drying at all. Make sure your lips are smooth and moisturized before applying because it doesn't look good on chapped lips. 

Some people find the smell annoying but I kinda like the smell. At least it's not those synthetic lipsticky (does this word exist?) smell.. To me, it smells interesting.. like cakes and candies.. Shweeet!!

Here are some swatches..
With Flash

This is with flash. The lower left swatch is Airy Fairy in multiple layers and the upper right swatch is Airy Fairy in one single layer. If you observe carefully, there is a hint of golden glimmering particles in it. Very pretty. The picture below is without flash.

Without Flash

As you can see from the above swatches, Airy Fairy can be layered up to create a Barbie, dolly pink (left swatch) Or applied thinly for a subtle nude pink (right swatch). Airy Fairy is a versatile shade. This color goes very well with strong eye make-up (eg: smokey eyes or strong eye-liner). It also can be worn as an everyday lipstick with liner, mascara and simple soft cheeks like so. 

One thin layer of Airy Fairy

Multiple layers of Airy Fairy

However, some people with darker skin-tone might find this color pale on them (makes them look sick). So, again, it all depends on your skin-tone and color.

The only complain I have about this is the packaging. The lid drops off in my bag ALL THE TIME. Maybe I've got a faulty tube. I will be on my second tube soon and we'll see whether it still happens then..

Hope you enjoy this review of one of my favorite products. I have plenty more to share. Thanks for reading!! 

~Stay Pretty.. Bai~

Random Cute Stuff #3

I em shleepy~~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FreshKon Color Fusion Sparklers Series in Shimmering Grey Review

Currently I'm wearing FreshKon Color Fusion Sparklers Series in Shimmering Grey and I thought I'd do a review about it. Freshkon launched this new series not long ago and it comes in 4 colors.
LEFT to RIGHT : Glittering Blue, Brilliant Brown, Gleaming Green, Shimmering Grey.

Picture of the brochure
picture of the pattern on the brochure

These lenses gives a radiant and sparkling effect to the eyes by having a well-defined ring pattern and unique lens pattern, with custom color blends, for more depth and brilliance. Although it is not advertised as a circle lens, but it has an enlarging effect as well. Below is a picture of how the lens look like up-close.

Picture Of FreshKon Shimmering Grey taken up-close

I usually stick to browns and blacks (not-so-obvious colors). This time, I decided to go for a more smokey look so I chose this! I'll give my ratings based on my own opinion from 1(poor) to 10(very good). Bear in mind that everyone's eyes are different so color outcome and comfort level will differ. So, you should only take my review as an opinion or guideline.
Packaging of FreshKon Color Fusion
Packaging of Sparklers Series

One box contains 2 pieces of lens
Base Curve : 8.6 (Median)
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 55%
Material : Filcon 1B
Modality : 1 month disposable
Power range : 0.00(Plano) to -10.00D
Recommended Selling Price : RM70
Recommended Wearing Hours : 5-8 hours
*Consult an eye care practitioner for suitability of wear*

COMFORT : 6/10
Initial comfort is good because the lenses are so soft. Unfortunately, it dries quite fast on my eyes. Maybe it's because I have dry eyes and also I work in an air-conditioned environment. Eye drops help this problem. However, when I'm not in air-con environment, it can last pretty long (more than 8 hours). But, I've worn more comfortable lenses so these are so-so only.

I prefer natural colors. I would say this is fairly natural from afar. It looks dark but still stands out. It looks like your eyes are sparkling.


A closer look of the lenses

COLOR : 7/10
The grey is quite noticeable up-close. And obvious in flash photography.

with flash
without flash

These lenses only slightly enhance your eyes. It has the "big eye" effect but not too much.

OVERALL : 7/10
Overall, I like these lenses. They are sexy yet not too loud. I feel that these lenses are good for people who mostly wear very natural colors but wanted to give BOLD colors a try, yet don't want to go all out. This is a good color to try. I personally will buy this again in the future if I want to go back to grays.

REMEMBER : Do not over wear your lenses, clean and rub it with a good multi-purpose solution every night and allow to soak overnight for thorough disinfection. Don't allow your lenses or contact lens casing to have contact with tap water. Replace your contact lens case every 3 months at least. Obey your eye practitioner's instructions.. OK now I'm nagging..

Hope you enjoy my review and I hope it helps..

~Stay Pretty.. Bai~