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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Canmake Cream Cheek Blush in Strawberry Whip

The internet is down for like 2 days and I already feel like dying.. I can't do anything!! And I'm so frustrated.. *sobs*

OK enough about that. Now I am a happy girl because the internet connection has recovered. Before this great month ends, I thought I would squeeze in one last post regarding one of my recent favorite blush

 Canmake Cream Cheek Blush 
in 03 Strawberry Whip
(taken from CANMAKE website)
"Creates a complexion that exudes health from deep within your skin, like a fountain of happiness. Blends in with your skin as though melting into it, ensuring that your complexion stays looking dewy-fresh for hours on end."

sorry for the bad quality and blurry pic.. this is taken with the Blackberry :/
I've been eyeing these cute cream blushes since Popteen Magazine featured it as one of the most popular cream blushes among Popteen models. The colors are oh-so-kawaii.. I chose this color because the name "Strawberry Whip" is too cute to resist!!!

Read more about these Cream Cheeks HERE!! 

I got this from SASA about a month ago for RM39.90. The packaging looks like this..

It is about the same size as the Candy Doll Blushers and the packaging is so pretty~ The top cover is cut like a gem.. Feels like a precious jewel when I hold it in my hand..

"Milky strawberry pink" is how I would like to describe this color. If you look carefully at the swatches, you may notice some shimmer in it. Some people may not like the shimmer but I don't mind it at all. It is not that noticeable once applied on the cheeks..
notice the fine shimmer?
mi with a light layer of blended Strawberry Whip
excuse the chipmunk cheeks..
*bad case of water retention at that time*

This blush gives me the soft, pink, angelic cheeks that I love.. <3 The gel-cream texture blends like a dream and dries down to a silky soft finish. The color payoff is good. It doesn't have the best staying power but I would say it is decent. I still have some on at the end of the day after 10 hours of work.. :D
My favorite lip color to pair it with, at the moment, is MAC Creme Cup..

Now, I have my beady eyes on these.. (picture taken from Looks so pweetty~
Canmake Cream Cheek Blush in 10 Sweet Orange
*waiting patiently for my next visit to SASA*

Hope this has been a good month for you as it is for me. How fast good times past by.. <3

See ya next month! Stay gorgeous~ Hugs and kisses, Pam..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Going Blonde..

I wanted a lighter hair color than my current one so I specifically requested for that when I go to my stylist this time. Having 5 months of dark roots showing is really driving me crazy but I purposely waited because I don't want to dye my hair so frequently.

I'm shocked with how I look with such a light color although 
I, myself asked for it..

I thought it would be a shade or two lighter but when the results came out
(it's very blonde for me because this is the lightest color i've seen myself with)

BUT I secretly like it..

So here are BEFORE and AFTER pics..

*purposely choose a non-smiling/sad face pic with flat hair*
That's how all BEFORE and AFTER pics are, aren't they?
*pretending to know it all*

Now I present to you the AFTER pic,

No more dark roots!
They curled my hair with tight curls and my hair looks like a wig! Very dramatic but I like!! I can never curl my hair as nice as them.. T.T

Bottom part is darker than the top. They say it's normal. I don't mind it that much though.. ^.^

Going blonder means more salon visits for touch-ups -__-". Ah well, everything has it's pros and cons. I like dark brown hair a lot but being blonder is kinda refreshing for me.. I think I'll keep this hair for quite a while. My hair feels a lot dryer and stiffer btw. Like straw. I have to do home hair treatments more frequently to save it!!
spam u with one more pic before i end this post

Lots of love, Pam~

Friday, June 24, 2011

Diamond Lash Fairy Eye

I'm so excited to share with you my new favourite everyday falsies!! 
Diamond Lash in Fairy Eye
I <3 <3 <3 these lashes ~ 
I've been wearing it everyday since I got it!! (considering I'm quite lazy to put on falsies everyday). 

I got 2 boxes these Diamond Lashes from It's based in Malaysia so it arrives in like 2-3 days! Super fast! These are from the Diamond Lash Series 1 (Upper Lash).
One in #3 Dolly Eye and one in #2 Fairy Eye

These are cheaper than Dolly Winks. They costs around RM66 per box but they come in 5 pairs while Dolly Winks are around RM50 for 2 pairs. *~*

Volume and Length : (9/10 and 8/10)
These lashes are quite voluminous without being too dramatic. The length is just right IMO! Not too long and not too short. The length of the lash band is also just right. I don't have to cut them off to fit my eyes. 
Oh I love them so much! Here are some pictures to show the length and the volume.
front with eyes closed
look at the beautiful curl! i didn't curl them. they come originally
like that~

Effect : (8/10)
I like the effect this pair of lashes gives me. Very defined yet natural. I think it looks very flattering :P 
what do you think?

Comfort : (10/10)
The lash bones feels a tad bit stiffer than Dolly Winks but they are still extremely comfortable on. It doesn't irritate my eyes although I applied them quite close to the inner corners.

Ease of Application : (10/10)
Very easy to apply due to the stiffer lash band/bone. One other thing that I have to mention about Diamond Lashes, is it's ability to retain it's original shape. The lash bands are still curved nicely and the curl of the lashes remains the same after multiple uses. 
(these are used lashes. excuse the dirty lash band/bone)
as you can see, Diamond Lashes retains the curved shape of the lash band,
Dolly Winks went out of shape
look at the curl of the lashes,
Diamond Lashes stays curled,
Dolly Winks became quite straight
(you have to re-curl it with eyelash curler)

From the pictures above, you can see that Dolly Winks are much softer thus it doesn't retain its original shape much. Diamond Lashes which retains its shape is much easier to apply. You just put it on, adjust a bit and WALLA! You are DONE~ and I like it that way because I'm lazy
The Dolly Winks takes a bit more effort to apply but it's not too bad :D

Reusability : (10/10)
Like the Dolly Winks, this can be re-used many many times if you handle it properly. <3

mi with Diamond Lash Fairy Eye
random picture of my dress patterns.. <3 it
looks like a table cloth with strawberries~
last pic wearing the lashes!

Overall, Diamond Lashes surpassed my expectations (since I already love my Dolly Winks so much) and I like them more than my Dolly Winks!! I can't wait to try out the others but for now, these Fairy Eye lashes are my HG everyday, natural lashes. I highly recommend them!!!

Remember to comment below, follow my blog or LIKE my facebook page to get updates if you like my blog. Your comments and support makes me strive to do better. I really, really appreciate them~~

Bye for now so stay gorgeous babes. Lots of love, XOXO, Pam~

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sun Protection 101

Honestly, I don't know the importance of applying sun protection until early this year when I start looking into it and researching more about it. YEAH I'm that slow~ :(

(all information taken from

Inadequate sun protection causes premature fine lines and age spots and even skin cancer. I honestly do not care quite as much about skin cancer. I'm more worried about premature aging and age spots.

This is why we should protect our skin from the damaging UV rays!! Although this will be a long and boring post, but TRUST ME! It is useful to know all of these stuff! Maybe some of you already know but I just found out not long ago and I thought it is worth sharing :D

There are 2 types of sun protection you can use:
- Sunscreen
- Sunblock


I used to think they are the same but NO, they are not the same.

SUNBLOCK (a.k.a. physical sunscreen, mineral sunscreen, chem free sunscreen) 
- sits on your skin and protects it by reflecting light off your skin. It acts like a mirror, bouncing off the damaging rays off your skin.
- has been in the market for a couple of years.
- main ingredients : Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide

SUNSCREEN (a.k.a. chemical sunscreen) 
- absorbs into your skin and acts like a sponge. It absorbs all the damaging UV rays to protect your skin.
- has been in the market for almost 40 years.
- main ingredients : Carbon-based chemicals

Both works the same in protecting your skin from UV rays.
There's just 1 important difference.
SUNSCREEN have to be applied 20-30 minutes before you expose yourself to the sun because you have to allow some time for the chemicals to be absorbed into the skin and form the protection.
While, SUNBLOCK works immediately after you applied it.

SPF means?
Sun Protection Factor. It simply means how long you stay in the sun without getting a burn.
If it takes you 10 minutes on a nice sunny day to develop a burn under the sun,
SPF15 will allow you to stay in the sun for (10 minutes X 15) 150 minutes.
SPF30 will allow you to stay in the sun for (10 minutes x 30) 300 minutes. That means 5 hours!! @.@"

Is it necessary for you to wear sunscreen/sunblock everyday?
YES! Think of your skin as having a meter on the surface. Every time the sun hits it, it starts the meter and the meter starts to run continuously. Our skin can't differentiate whether we've been out in the sun for 5 minutes or for 15 minutes. When it's damaged, it's damaged.
Secondly, even if it's a cloudy day, the bad UV rays are still able to penetrate the clouds and bring some UV rays with it to damage our skin.
So it is VERY IMPORTANT to apply sunscreen everyday before we step out of the door.

If I apply sunscreen/sunblock SPF30, then I apply foundation SPF15, do I get SPF45 (30+15)?
Unfortunately, you only get the SPF from the one you applied first which is SPF30. This is because the skin bonds with the chemicals in the first product you put on and the SPF doesn't double up.

What sunscreen/sunblock should I choose? Are higher SPF sunscreen better than lower ones?
Choose ones with the word UVA and broad spectrum.
Sunscreen SPF15 - 88% protection from the sun
Sunscreen SPF30 - 95% protection from the sun
Sunscreen SPF60 - 99% protection from the sun
Using sunscreen past SPF60 like 80, 90, or 130, is not going to give you any additional protection. High SPF sunscreens also tend to be more thick and viscous thus repelling people from reapplying throughout the day because it doesn't feel nice on the skin.
That is why derm doctors always recommend SPF15 to SPF30.
Plus, high SPF sunscreens like SPF110 or SPF130 will conveniently 'suggest' to people that you don't need to reapply. In reality, the only way that you get enough sun protection is to apply enough of sunscreen and reapply throughout the day.

How much sunscreen should I apply?
There are people who wears sunscreen out in the sun but still get sun burnt. Why is that so?
Often, its because they did not reapply or didn't put enough sunscreen on.
Here's is a video to demonstrate the proper amount to apply chemical sunscreen.

For sunblocks aka chem-free sunscreens, here is another video to demonstrate how much you need to apply as you do not need as much as chemical sunscreens. Less is more here..

How often should I reapply sunscreen/sunblock?
If you are swimming, you should apply sunscreen every time you get out of the water. YES, even though the label of the sunscreen says waterproof or water-resistant! Those are just gimmicks because no sunscreen is really waterproof, water-resistant or sweat proof. -__-"

If you are sweating (jogging, tennis, doing any sports), you should reapply sunscreen as often as you can because sweat does an excellent job of washing off sunscreen.

Even if you are sitting under an umbrella, reading on the beach, you should reapply sunscreen every 3-4 hours. You may feel that you are not perspiring, but you actually are.
The rate of perspiration = The rate of evaporation
Makes you feel that you are not sweating but you actually are..

If I have make-up on, do I have to remove my make-up then reapply sunscreen? WTF?
If you make-up is still intact after 3-4 hours, that means your sunscreen is still intact. Therefore you have no need to remove you make-up then reapply sunscreen because that would be stupid. -__-" If your make-up has completely melted off, the there's a chance that your sunscreen has too. Then, you can reapply your sunscreen and your make-up.

In which order should I apply my sunscreen(chemical) in my skincare routine?
CLEANSING --> TONER--> ACNE TREATMENT(if you use one) -->SUNSCREEN --> SERUM(if you use one) --> MOISTURIZER --> MAKE-UP
General rule of thumb, sunscreen always go first. This is because in for the sunscreen to work, it has to bind with the skin to form a chemical reaction in order for it to properly absorb the UV rays. Applying any other thing under the sunscreen prevents the sunscreen from absorbing properly and evenly into the skin. Toner is a prepper for things to absorb better so it is ok to go before sunscreen. Other than that, sunscreen almost always go first!!

For mineral sunscreen, you can apply before make-up or even on top of your make-up if you are using powder form (eg. mineral powder)

I think I've pretty much covered everything that I previously don't know about or am curious about.
All this info might make me seem a bit crazy and obsessed because of all the reapplying and the crazy amount to apply. Actually, I myself don't apply enough sunscreen throughout the day. So, we should start applying sunscreen properly because prevention is better than cure! (if there is any cure for aging -__-").

I am now searching for my HG sunscreen/sunblock. What is yours? Please share with me by commenting below :D

Start protecting our skin together! Stay pretty and happy as always. Love y'all~ XOXO~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme Cup

Creme Cup is from the MAC Creamteam collection launched way back in 2009. Since then, it has been flying off the shelves and has been completely out of stock for some time (from what I read). I'm so surprised that I can easily find Creme Cup in MAC stores now.

MAC Creme Cup is a neutral, milky pink color that has become a hot favorite among Popteen models to create that soft baby pink lips which is essential for all gyarus..
For me, I already love the lipstick just by hearing the name. Creme Cup sounds so cute and deliciously sweet!

Thank God the color didn't disappoint me. I like it!

I know that most of you might have seen countless swatches of this particular lipstick all over the beauty community. So, I'll do this swatch side by side with my other light pink lipstick, the NYX Bling from the NYX Black Label series.

Before that, some pics of the packaging and swatches alone..
typical MAC packaging
i love MAC packaging tho.. they look so professional and high end..
but really, they more on the pricier side.. for me..
i only splurged because i want something nice for myself
on my birthday!
the label under the lipstick
swatch of Creme Cup

The formula goes on creamy and smooth but will feel a bit drying after a while so it's a good idea to apply a lip balm underneath it. Creme Cup lipstick also have the same vanilla scent that all MAC lipsticks have..

At first, I thought the color will be kinda similar to NYX Bling but ACTUALLY, it is very different when swatched side by side (i know, i can't differentiate colors very well.. LOL)

Creme Cup seems like a beautiful pink shade when swatched on my hands. But on my lips, it turn out an almost nude, milky pink shade. Much lighter than I expected and much more nude compared to NYX Bling. Look at the NYX Bling lip swatch HERE!
a close-up
doesn't wash me out! I like!

This lip color, IMO can be worn with a lot of different eye make-up. Smokey eye make-up, gyaru make-up, everyday neutral make-up, etc etc. I will be wearing it A LOT!

Hope you like the swatches!

Please pardon my flat hair, ugly black roots and wonky bangs. I'm having a bad hair day. -__-"
I'll be going to the salon next week to touch up my roots and maybe go a shade or two lighter than my current hair color. I'll post before and after pictures. :D I hope this time the color will turn out like what I wanted it to be.. *cross fingers*

Stay Pretty and Happy Girls~ XOXO~

Collective Birthday Hauls and Goodies..

I got myself some Diamond Lashes and MAC Creme Cup lipstick recently. A little splurge for myself on my birthday. :D I'm so happy and excited!!

Took some piccies to share~
Diamond Lashes (i've wanted to try these for so long)
MAC Creme Cup (also in my wish list for a long time) 
got myself a proper professional hair masque
to give my hair a little TLC
because I will be dyeing my hair soon..
a new sunscreen coz mine has been breaking me out
AND i don't realize it until now!!
geez i'm slow.. :(
i know this is random..
TOBLERONE from my good friend!
Love it~

Reviews coming up after I take enough pictures. MAC Creme Cup swatches coming up next.