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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Some Healthy Habits I Adopted (Part2)

This has nothing to do with beauty. It's more for health or well-being I guess. Just thought I'd share this with you.. Besides exercising, I've been trying to change my sleeping pattern. Sounds weird?

I've never mentioned this before but I'm forever sleep deprived coz I like to sleep late. Like at 2-3am. That's seriously no good for my health and my skin.

I'm trying to change this. Now, I'm not only trying to get a full 7-8 hours of sleep, I'm also trying to be an early riser. I'm tired of sleeping late and waking up late having to rush out the door every time!! I want to wake up early, have some time to check my emails, laze around, make breakfast or sweep the floor, do my make-up then go to work and arriving on time WITHOUT any rushing.

As Aristotle says,
" It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom "

I know of a lot of successful people that has a habit of waking up early. They rise early to meditate, think, plan, exercise or just to read the papers, have breakfast and relax.. you know.. prepping themselves for the day ahead..

I want to do that too. I really want to wake up earlier!!! I want more time! Let's see, if I wake up an hour earlier everyday, in a year I'll save 365 hours. That's about 15 full frickin' days!!!

BUT the main problem I have is that through out the years,  I've develop a nasty habit. *shakes head*

Yes.. It's the snoozing habit. Usually, I have to be out my door at 9.30am in order to reach my work place on time. So, I have to wake up at 8.45am to do my skincare, make-up, my hair and everything. However, to my frustration, no matter how early I set the alarm, I will snooze the alarm a thousand times until it is past 8.45am, then I will crawl reluctantly out of bed.

And then, I found this article, (it's a good read if you have snoozing issues like me)

How to Get Up Right Away When Your Alarm Goes Off

This makes me realize that early in the morning when your body still wanna curl up with your warm blanket in your comfy bed, your mind thinks incoherently. The number one, most attractive thing to do IN THE WORLD, AT THAT TIME, is to readjust your warm blankie, snuggle up with your soft bolster and go back to sleep.
I force myself to wake up the first 2 days then on the 3rd day, I will fall back into bed.. :/


As the writer of the linked blog post above has done, the only way/trick to wake up is to 'spring' out of bed immediately when the alarm goes off.
Don't think. 
Don't let your deceptive mind convince you to do otherwise. 
Practice this everyday for a month. You will condition your body to wake up whenever the alarm rings. In fact, with enough practice, you won't be able to fall back asleep after the alarm rings even if you want to sleep more.

For me, I'm still practicing. Now, I try to sleep at 12 or 12.30 midnight and wake up at 7am to prepare breakfast to have a healthy start. It's a bit hard for me to sleep early because sometimes I reach home at 10-11pm due to work. I hardly have time to do anything. That explains the dwindling number of blog posts. :(

How about you? Do you like to wake up early or you usually sleep until the last minute? Do you have the snooze habit like me? Share it with me!

Until the next post, XOXO~

Lots of love,
Pam (May Yue)


  1. I usually set my alarm 30 minutes before I am suppose to wake up so I can turn it off but at that point my mind is only partially asleep so it is easier for me to wake up every so minutes to check the time.

  2. Sleep until the last minute lol I can't fall asleep early anymore due to my bad sleeping pattern. Urgh.. Plus I normally see my bf at night so.. yeah. lols

    When I was still sharing my room with my sis, she would place her phone 2 metres away so she would have to get up to turn it off. Sometimes she would just sleep through the alarm but I'll be the one who gets woken up by it and shakes her to turn it off LOL So technically, I'm part of the alarm =/

  3. same here.. the difference is i set it one hour earlier but the result is i still wake up at the same time.. :(

  4. yea i couldn't fall asleep early at first too. at first i tried to sleep at 12 but i toss and turn till 1.. lucky now i'm more used to it..
    lol your sis method is great! i shall start putting my phone far away.. it's cool to have a human alarm tho.. hehehe~