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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Acne Clay Cleanser

Yea I know I've gone MIA again. Sowie~~

Excuses : I've kinda lost my blogging mojo. I don't have enough time with coz I'm trying to sleep early and make time to go to the gym as much as possible. My boyfie is hogging the computer to play online games.
Results : No time and mood and chance to blog.

Today, I kinda reflected a bit. I forgot how happy blogging and sharing made me feel. I'm gonna make time and rekindle my mood for blogging. ^_^  I announced to boyfie that the computer is mine tonight no matter what. Hoho~

Today I'm gonna share my thoughts about the Naruko cleanser that made it to my 2011 FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCTS last year.

This stuff is fabulous. I've seen this countless time in other Naruko related videos and blog posts but I've put off buying it until 3 months ago because I was a bit on the fence about clay cleansers... But then I thought, yeah.. I'll give this a try.. AND I LOVE IT! So, of course I have to share it with you..

I've always been very careful about changing cleansers because I have very sensitive skin. Oily, easily dehydrated and acne proned. Those cleansers that can overly dry my face, I avoid like a plague. Clay cleansers usually dry the crap outta my skin.. :(

This clay cleanser is different. I think it draws out oils and impurities from my pores without drying out my skin. That's why my pores look noticeably smaller and my skin don't feel dry or taut after cleansing. I use it together with my Clarisonic and the result is so nice! My face feels so clean and fresh.

(info and picture from
(click picture to enlarge for better reading)
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RM29 ish for 120ml (I've seen them as low as RM19 from some site)

Comes in a green, squeezy tube with white wordings as most of the things in the OIL OUT range.

Smells light and minty.

It is a white clay but it's more light/ watery thus easy to spread. It also contains small jojoba beads for mild exfoliation purposes. If you lather it up with your hands, not much foam will form. I used it with a Clarisonic and it foams up much better.

Another thing I love about this cleanser is the menthol/cooling feeling it gives. It is not an extreme cooling sensation. Just mild enough to sooth and refresh my skin. :)
Plus, it is super mild. Not harsh at all. I know because some seeps into my eyes when I'm cleansing and my eyes don't burn. My eyes just feel minty cold. @.@
Sometimes, I leave it on for a few minutes after cleansing as a purifying mask before washing it off.

I highly recommend this to you all with oily to combination skin. I think I've never LOVE a cleanser before. I usually just LIKE cleansers. This one, I LOVE.. That's why it has to be in my 2011 FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

Overall, the Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Acne range have impressed me so much!! I think oily girls will appreciate this range more than those who have normal to dry skin.

Until the next post, stay awesome and thanks for continue to read my blog. I will try to do better. :D

Pam (May Yue)


  1. This product sounds so interesting, I'm going to look into it the next time I make a skincare purchase -- I'm always looking for new masks. I'm also a huge advocate for using tea tree oil nowadays! =]

  2. wow nice review...would love to try this product out..Thanks for sharing..=)

  3. oh nooo you make me want so many naruko stuff but I still have a mountain of skincare =(

  4. btw I'm surprised it's so cheap!

  5. lol! faster finish those then buy naruko. yea it is quite cheap but finish quite fast leh..

  6. i use this too!! And i love it! Been using this for 3 or 4 months now, and i still don't want to change my cleanser!