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Monday, February 13, 2012

Are You Pinterested?

I'm in a silly mood today so I shall share some silly stuff. Heheh.. Recently, I'm addicted to a few sites. One of them is

I've always wanted a pinboard around my house so that I could pin cut outs from magazines that inspires me or things I want to remind myself of so I can look at them whenever I want to. I never got around to making one though. I'm a pro procrastinator. MUAHAHAHAH~

Then I stumble upon Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to pin any pictures you like onto it. You can follow other people's pins and share your pins with your followers. The best thing is you can 'kepoh' go see other people's pins and like, comment and repin them onto your board.

This is so cool to me because I often come across pictures that I like and would like to look at again. I can't save every pic in my computer. That's crazy! My computer would crash from overload of pictures LOL! 

With Pinterest, I can pin and pin and pin non stop. Now I can't stop finding pictures I love and pinning them onto my Pinterest. I can add or delete my pins according to my liking. Cool thing is they also let you organize your pins in different boards. I'll show you a few. (click to enlarge)

i have a soft spot for cute animals so i named this board 'cute animals' duhh
so cute!!
i am crazy about cheese so i dedicated a board to it. 'cheesaholic'
everytime i look at those cheese, i'm like 'sweet jesus' if i can get a taste of those..
gyarus!! onto the board 'gyaru inspirations'
so many kawaii gyarus..
pretty food.. i put these in a board called  'too pretty to eat'
'make up inspirations' where i pin make up looks that i like
quotes or words that i want to remember thus 'quotes'

I still have a few different boards like 'nails', 'fashion', 'home decor' and 'places' but those aren't full yet. 

I am thinking of making a board called 'Pink Stuff' to pin all the pink things I like and a board called 'Memes' to pin all the funny memes and rage comics. 

AHHHH.. Looking at the pictures I pinned makes me happy.. I'm weird right? Yea I know..

I'm having so much fun with this Pinterest that I have to share with you guys. Come join in the fun if you are into pinboards! My username is queerpinkfish. If you are on Pinterest too, tell me your username so I could follow you. :D

Until the next post, love y'all~ muah muah muah~

Pam (May Yue)

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