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Friday, April 6, 2012

Are Circle Lenses Safe To Wear?

Today I'm gonna talk about Circle Lenses. This is gonna be a wordy post. If you are interested, please keep on reading..

I kinda avoided this topic on my blog because if I thought if I write one, it will be a LONG ASS wordy post because I am long-winded. Don't wanna bore my readers to death. However, today I felt compelled to do this after reading Mint's post HERE, as I find that most people don't know the risk of wearing circle lenses.

If you don't already know, I mentioned in my profile that I'm an Optician. Actually, I'm also a certified contact lens practitioner in Malaysia. A lot of my customers/patients that are under my care asked me these questions.
for illustration purposes

(sorry for the bad grammar. it's malaysian slang/way of saying things)

The answer to those questions are
(i say 'not very safe' because not everybody will get infection for wearing these lenses but the risks are present)

But you would wonder..
"But so many people are wearing them! My own friends are wearing them for years and they are OK. NO problem, NO complains"

I will put it this way. They are just plain LUCKY but I don't know when they will run out of luck.
These problems are usually accumulative. These sh*t doesn't happen over night. Our eyes may tolerate these lenses for some time (maybe years), but there will be one day when the eyes won't tolerate anymore. They will become sensitive and easily irritated. That explains why some of you are fine with the lenses then suddenly one day you just couldn't wear them anymore.
Plus, your friends might experience problems but they did not tell you! As you know, contact lenses are one of those things that we know are not very good for our eyes but we still wear them.. lol!

CONFESSION : I, myself, bought them before and I wore them in some of my pictures. I monitor myself carefully when I did that. Limit the hours of wearing, keeping them clean and stuff. I don't do that anymore now tho..

Why are these lenses RISKY?
1) Those lenses are being sold in mass quantity so they can't QC and make sure that every lenses that they made is in good condition. Although chances are pretty low (i estimate 20-30%), you never know when you'll get a defective lens.. Don't you agree? Defective lenses scratches your cornea and that's really bad..

2) SECONDLY, This is an important one. (and long one)
Assuming those lenses are in good condition, you still stand a chance for damaging your eyes when you are not under the care of a professional eye care practitioner (optician, optometrist or eye doctor). This is applies to ALL lenses no matter ones you buy online or the ones you buy from optical shops. There are many factors but I'm just going to mention they few main ones.

God made everybody different. Our eyes can differ by size, curvature, tear production, oil production, allergy reaction, etc. How can you know whether the lenses suit you or not by buying it just like that? It's like playing Russian Roulette. Depends on luck. 

Most probably, you will buy one that is OK for you because these lenses are manufactured usually in a Base Curve 8.6 or 8.7 which is the average curve for most people. Unfortunately, for some people, these lenses do not fit them. Ill fitting lenses can cause FACTOR 2.

Most of these lenses are meant for pupil enlargement. Optical sell circle lenses that are fairly small. 14.5mm diameter usually. That's why there are bigger and bigger lenses coming out from various manufacturers. 15mm, 16mm and largest I heard, 17mm. And, these lenses are usually thicker (due to cheaper lens material). 
The fact that you don't know is, when lenses have such big diameter and it's thick, 
(not that our eyes have nostrils but you might not know this, OUR CORNEA NEEDS OXYGEN!) 
Some people I know even wear them for the whole day (for 12 hours or more). I tell you, those people are pushing their luck..

What happens when your cornea don't have enough oxygen? Early stages, you'll notice plenty of red veins showing up so your eyes will take up a reddish appearance. If this continues for long term (months to years), those red veins will grow into the iris and into the pupil, causing deterioration of vision.

As you've already noticed, lenses in vials you got online are mostly yearly disposable lenses. This increases the chance of getting eye infection. The longer you wear your lenses, the more protein deposits and other deposits (like make-up) will build up on the surface of your lenses. This will trigger either allergy reactions (itchy eyes) or bacterial infection (bacteria feeds on the protein deposits). Do you notice that you seldom get 1 year wear out of your lenses? 3-4 months max? Without the guide of eye care practitioner, one usually don't have the idea on how to keep their lenses clean. It is best to stick to shorter duration lenses like monthly or even better weeklies and dailies for better eye health. 
Plus, how often do you change your lens casing? I bet some of you use the same lens case for years!! The proper way is to change your lens case every 3 months to avoid nasty bacteria making babies on your casing.

These few factors are inter related. One affects the other in some way. All those factors can cause many different complications (corneal neovascularisztion, microbial keratitis, GPC, corneal infection, etc) but the worst possible outcome, is CORNEAL ULCER. If you get this, and if the ulcer is in the way of your vision, you'll become blind. I don't mean to scare you but this is a FACT.
this is a corneal ulcer. see that white patch? that's a big one. and it's painful..
All that being said, if you are under care of a professional, your eyes are being monitored all the time and if you are a compliant patient, chances of getting these problems are pretty low. I can't stress this enough.
These are only some of the factors, if you want to talk about it more in depth, I can go on and on.

I just want to say.. 

God gave us only one pair of eyes. Our eyes are the windows to the soul, as corny as it sounds, but I think it's true. I can't imagine how it would be without my eyes. How sad it is if I'm not able to see all the beautiful things in this world. We MUST appreciate and NOT take our eyes for granted, by giving it the best care we can.

Lenses in optical shops are, YES, a bit more expensive but it is for a reason. Branded lenses like Freshkon, Freshlook, Acuvue and others which are sold in optical shops have strict QC on their lenses and their quality is proven good and safe for use. Why not use better things for your eyes? Plus, nowadays lens designs have greatly improve. There are more and more types of patterns and colors available in the market now.

You love circle lenses and MUST wear lenses? Yes, you can! But it MUST be under the care of proper eye-care practitioner. I greatly urge you to seek an eye-care professional to monitor your eyes. You are the only one responsible for the health of your eye. As Mint says, no one will take responsibility for anything. Don't compromise the health of your eyes for anything (cheaper lens, nice lens design, etc).

Another very important thing is REMOVE your lenses immediately whenever you feel there's something wrong with it. Contact lenses are NOT MEANT to make your eyes feel irritated and scratchy. If you leave it in there, you'll risk scratching your cornea or worse, serious complications like ulcers..

I hope this post can be an insight for those of you wondering about circle lenses and all that jazz.

Ok, abrupt end.. Stay healthy~

Pam (May Yue)


  1. scary.. i once buy circle lens from online shop with a really2 cheap price. then i realize that i neglected the safe of my eye. which is the precious thing i have ever had. than i started buying from authorize optical shop. and i don't really wear it everyday. good post! it help me remind my self!

  2. Not buying cheap lenses online anymore! Learned my lesson after an optometrist told me that I had dots under my eyelid. Tossed them immediately. I've tried several brands from optical shops but they don't suit my eyes at all. Only MagicColour (purchased online) makes my eyes feel so comfortable. I throw my contact lens case together with my lenses (3 months) and I also throw them if sea water/whatever dirty stuff went into my eye and I couldn't wash immediately.

  3. This is an excellent article, and it's certainly scared the crap out of me! I don't personally wear contact lenses much, maybe one day out of the week, but recently I've noticed my eyes getting quite irritated and blood shot, so I've been wearing them even less. It's a pretty daunting thought because circle lenses is such a huge aspect of popular makeup styles that I can't imagine a world without them. Ideally there should be circle lenses that you can get properly fitted and that are made in a completely safe way, which are not as dangerous for your eyes, but at the moment young girls are buying up the cheap lenses in droves, and the demand is probably increasing all the time (and I'm probably part of the problem as I regularly give positive reviews of circle lenses). I don't know if I could totally give up circle lenses, but you've totally inspired me to go get my eyes checked out to see if there has been some actual damage.

    Btw I've noticed that contact lenses are much more expensive in Japan, so do you think this indicates that lenses made in Japan have better QC?

  4. Sory for the late reply! Disqus is not loading for the past few days. -_-"
    About lenses from Japan, I'm not very sure.. so i can't answer that.
    I feel it's ok to give positive reviews on lenses coz you are just talking about the color, pattern, comfort, etc. nothing wrong with that..
    i just hope that more people are aware that they should get their eye checked/monitored so that there are no serious complications from circle lenses.. :D

  5. Just buy the original with antifake sticker as Geo and you will never have problem. I always buy mines on and everything is fine, I checked all and my lenses are perfectly genuine. People should just visit a doctor to know what is the lens base curve that they need.

  6. very informative... But i have a question. Are optical brand lenses sold online safe? For example this:
    Hope my eyes are fine after years of these lenses. ah ><

  7. Thanks so much for writing this! I'm always careful with lenses, i got a pair from freshlook and they're really good and I also have a pair of circle lenses that I bought from a store IRL. I only use lenses ocationally for cosplays and stuff, I have never worn the circle lenses for more than 1,5 hours. I've heard that you can use them for about 8 hours and then you really need to take them out, is that true?

    What brands are good when it comes to circlelenses? THose I have right now is from GEO and they were REALLY overprized in that store ($54!) When I see onlinestores that sell them for about $22, are they considered cheap?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. So even more expensive ones like iFairy from and GEO are considered dangerous ? D: I know that superbarbie and luxury are one of the many dubious brands but I'm not sure about ifairy and GEO. May I know your opinion on this ? Thx ^^