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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Reading Story

I've always love to read as a kid.. I love story books (wished I love school books as much as story books but.. ah well..).
ah.. i love stitch.. he's so cute~~
Starting at around 9 years old, mum began bringing me to the local public library and I would borrow books there every week. I remembered when I first started reading, I love 3 Penyiasat (translate : 3 Detectives), Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. I love detective and mystery stories. Then I went on to Enid Blyton, Sweet Valley High and cheesy stuff like that. Older, I began reading romantic love novels that plants the hopeless romantic seed in me..

I slowly fell out of my reading habits as I approach Form 5. After I came to KL for my studies, I stopped reading completely for what seems like a long, long time to me.. :(

One day, I stumbled upon Twilight's first movie (on my friend's computer) and watched it. I liked it so much (sorry Twilight haters but yea, I like sparkly vampires and all) that I decided to buy the book. I got addicted so I bought all the other Twilight books. I started reading again..

I restrained myself from buying books though coz I lived in a very small room then. After I moved to a bigger room, I'm still careful about buying books coz I don't want the new place to be cluttered. Plus, this is not like a permanent place so if I move, I don't want to break my back with boxes of books. BUT STILL, I manage to collect 2 big boxes of books.. -__-" Buying more books is not an option anymore.. :((

I first read about Kindles on blogs and saw other people using them on Youtube.
I was like..

I figured that buying a Kindle is a perfect way to re-Kindle my love for reading (pun intended). I feel that I need to read more to expand my knowledge. Self-help books, autobiography, classic story books, maybe learn some Japanese, etc..

Sadly, Kindle is from Amazon and they don't ship to Malaysia. I can get a third party to ship it for me but shipment from US to Malaysia is not safe IMO. I just lost a Cherry Culture package worth RM100+. It must have been lost somewhere in the hands of 'responsible' Malaysian Customs. :(

When I found out that there is a website that sells Kindles in Malaysia I am sooo excited!! I researched about it to make sure the Kindle is usable in Malaysia and that the site is not a scam. I read from the site that there is a way to buy Amazon ebooks from Malaysia and that they will help me with it..

I went ahead and bought a Kindle Touch and I'm so happy to own it.
this is a picture i took for instagram after i got my kindle registered and set-up
yea I named my Kindle "Pam's Awesome Kindle".. creative.. lol!

I can have almost any books I want in just a minute and this is the best thing.. I can store like 3000+ books in it! Holy Moly! Space problems SOLVED!!


can be replaced by THIS
small, light and compact..

I'm so happy and excited about this purchase that I have to share it! If you like to read a lot, I highly recommend Kindles.

Read more about different type of Kindles HERE.
If you want to buy it from Malaysia, go HERE.

I am quite happy about Kindle Malaysia's service. Fast delivery (2 days for me) and helpful customer service (I'm a noob about registering my Kindle and stuff but they gladly helped me).

Kyaaaa.. So happy I'm gonna go read now.

Until the next post,
Stay happy and healthy~

Pam (May Yue)


  1. how much is this Kindle thing?? o.O


  2. i love my kindle! holds tons of books/pdf/etc, small and lightweight but still easy to read on, stays charged for a long time, easy to charge...but the books are often more expensive than buying new/used physical copies. at least i get my book instantly through download, but that means when i'm done reading, i can't sell or gift the book...

  3. i bought it for rm500. :D

  4. Really? I thought they are cheaper than normal books! I didn't really compare tho..