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Monday, February 27, 2012

O'slee HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream

I'm back with another BB cream review!!!

This time it's for the O'slee HD Flawless Rosehip BB Cream SPF 26 PA++.

I searched google for info about this BB Cream. Here are some descriptions.
(taken from

O'slee Rosehip BB Cream HD Flawless SPF 26 PA++ is extremely breathable, oil-free, dissolves in water, and does not clog pores. Super Breathable!

No make up meltdowns
O'slee utilizes the most advanced ionic membrane technology that forms a thin, breathable but water-resistant veil once applied. This allows our BB Cream to magically dissolve only in water, and not from your face, so you don't have to worry about your make up melting away.

Flawless nude make up
Our BB Cream gives you flawless nude make up instantly without the help of a foundation, giving your skin translucent whiteness, and providing easy coverage for your pores, dark circles, spots and acne marks.

Super Fresh
O'slee BB Cream is oil-free, so your make up remains fresh throughout the day..

Verified by SGS
O'slee BB Cream has been verified by the SGS to provide SPF26 PA++ protection, and has passed heavy metal safety tests, so you can rest assured of its safety

How to use:
After basic skin care, apply an adequate amount of O'slee Rosehip BB Cream HD Flawless SPF 26 PA++ evenly on whole face.
Aqua, 2-Ethylhexly-p-methoxycinnamate, Titanium Dioxide, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate Glycerin, 1,3 Butylene Glycol, Rosehip Extract, 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor, Isotridecyl Isononanoate, Dicetyl Phosphate/Ceteth-10 Phosphate, Dimethicome, Stearic Acid, Triisostearate, Squalane, Polymethylsesquioxane, Iron Oxide Yellow, Glyceryl Stearate(and)PEG-100 Stearate, Vitamin E, Avobenzone, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Germall Plus, Xanthan Gum, Methyl p-Hydroxybenzoate, Allantoin, Iron Oxide Red, Disodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Propyl p-Hydroxybenzoate, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Iron Oxide Black, Ylang Oil, Dibutyl Hydroxy Toluene

for those who can read chinese..
i think this is about the water resistant properties of this BB Cream
i can't read it :(
There's even an impressive demo video with this BB Cream

My 2 cents!!
Got this from Guardian Pharmacy.

RM79.90 for 50ml. Quite expensive, IMO!! I think it is cheaper if you buy online..

As shown in pictures above, the product comes in a grey squeeze tube with a easy flip snap top. Comes with a pink outer box. Cute..

This BB cream is the easiest one to spread around among all BB creams I've tried. It has a light, almost moussy texture when you squeeze it out from the tube. When you spread it around, it is almost slippery and watery gel like.

The thing I like most about this BB cream is it's color. It is slightly lighter and more yellowy than the Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream thus matches my skin better.
as you can see the color matches me well

This smells like some kind of aromatherapy scent. I thought it must be the 'rose hip' scent since it's called Rosehip BB cream. I searched around and someone says that the scent is from the geranium flower. I don't really know and I don't care. It's soothing. Smells like spa..

This has light to almost medium coverage. Very similar to a tinted moisturizer. I would give it a rating 3.5/10 in terms of coverage. It evens out my skin tone pretty well. But when I have a spot or two, this doesn't help much.
light coverage

This BB cream dries down to a semi matte finish. Skin looks natural with a veeeeery slight glow. Less glowy than Lioele Beyond The Solution and L'egere Multi White.

I feel that this BB cream is best applied with fingers. I tried using my F80 brush with it but it makes the bristles clump because the formula is so wet! LOL! I made a mistake by putting on too much and the BB cream just slide around on top of my skin making it noticeable. Apply a thin layer with your fingers and the finish will look more natural..

The word HD Flawless is what attracted me to buy this in the first place. I'm not the biggest fan of this BB cream to be honest. It is just OK for me. The number one reason is that it oils up quite fast especially in the nose area and the coverage is not the best.
I did an 'oiliness test' because I thought this BB cream is oily.. my own little experiment by putting some bb cream on a blotting sheet but it shows that this bb cream is not very oily! I guess it just doesn't suit my skin. :(

I can totally see this working on more normal skin type than doesn't need much coverage. Sometimes I accidentally applied too much and I'll look cakey because it will just sit on top of my skin accentuating every flaw I have. :( Use it sparingly and I'm fine..

I'll finish this but I don't think I'll repurchase.
mi wearing o'slee bb cream.. featuring nerdy glasses

Have you tried this one before? How it works on you? I hope you have better luck with it. I read many good reviews about it though. If you have normal skin type which doesn't need much coverage and you like a very light BB cream, do give this a try!

Until the next review, XOXO~

Pam (May Yue)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sigma Dry n Shape

I own quite a few thick brushes. I have 2 Sigma F80 brushes, a MAC kabuki, several big fluffy powder brushes from a kit gifted by my lovely friends.

Guilty confession : I don't wash them as frequently as I should. *guilty face*

I find washing my brushes very troublesome. Besides the fact that I am lazy, I find cleaning and drying my brushes takes too long. Especially the F80s. They take so so so long to dry.

Another thing I hate am not so excited about is taking my time to shape them and place them properly so that they can dry in shape. But still, a few stray splayed brush hairs are inevitable. Drives me crazy!!! *FFFUUU.jpg*

Ahemm *regains composure* sorry I'm a bit OCD.. I like my brushes nicely shaped..

So, when I ordered the Sigma Tokyo Brushes, I stared at the Dry n Shape for the longest time before clicking on it. I thought "Ah.. I will buy it sooner or later so why not order it together so I won't have to pay for the shipping twice".

It is 29USD *ouch* but I'm happy that I got it. ^_^

So, here are some pictures to show you what am I talking about. (taken from

Sigma Dry n Shape
closer look
inside when it is filled with brushes
i keep my Dry n Shape upside down like this so that
any remaining water will flow downwards from the ferrule

A video to show you how to use it,

This thing works like a charm. It dries my thick brushes so fast. Even the MAC kabuki and the F80!!
Now, I've changed my brush cleaning habits. I wash my F80 after every 3-4 uses now. (I clean my brushes a lot faster now too since I've found a faster and more effective way to clean them.. i'll tell you more in the future).

The thing that makes me happiest is that, it shapes my brushes so nicely. I love how my brushes feel after each wash! The hairs are in place and feels soft. Like new brushes!! It is very useful and appropriate for people like me who don't have a whole lot of brushes but still need to wash them quite frequently.

My only complaint is, the Shape n Dry doesn't hold smaller brushes like my eye-shadow blending brushes. I still hate how those dries. The hairs are all splayed out. Grrrr..

Sigma, please come out with a smaller version of this so that I can use it on my smaller brushes too..
Pretty Please~

I highly recommend this is if,
-you have quite a few thick brushes
-you don't have lots of brushes thus need to wash your existing ones quite frequently
-you don't have a lot of time to wait for your brushes to dry
-you hate splayed out brush hair like me

Check it out or buy it at, (this is an affiliate link)

Yay for clean and shapely brushes!! Until the next post~ XOXO~

Pam (May Yue)

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Current Hair Care Products

I've been going through quite a few bottles of these. I'm very happy with how they work on my hair. I've stopped using Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner for a few months now. The longer I use Tsubaki, the more it weighs down my hair. Maybe my hair got 'immune' to the shampoo thus doesn't work that well anymore.

Since then, I've gone through quite a few different shampoos and conditioners trying to find the right one for me. Tried a few drugstore shampoos including the red Tsubaki, Ascience, Dove, etc. Those doesn't agree with my hair. Makes them either dry and coarse or weigh down my hair too much. I already have thin hair. The last thing I want to do is to make them flatter than they already are. :/

Until I found Simple shampoo and Dove conditioner..
my current haircare combo
Erm.. the actual names are Simple Kind To Hair Gentle Care Shampoo and Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner. What a mouthful :O

They are nothing fancy and can easily be found in local drugstores like Guardian or Watsons. The Simple Shampoo is rm14.90 for 200ml and the Dove conditioner is only RM10.90(correct me if i'm wrong) for 180ml.

The shampoo works well for me by cleansing without stripping it dry. It still provides the clean feeling I like but it doesn't leave my hair stiff and dry. It has no scent and no color whatsoever. I kinda like that. Feels like my hair is prepped clean for the conditioner to do its work.

I use the conditioner on the lower half on my hair, leave it on for a couple of minutes then rinse it off. I love the smell of this treatment conditioner. It might be too strong for some people. Sniff before you buy ok? This treatment conditioner makes my hair so soft and manageable.

Ah.. the downside of these 2 is they finish so fast. I have to repurchase every 1-1.5 months. I find that kinda troublesome.. :/

Recently, I've also incorporated a new product into my haircare routine. The SP Balance Scalp Energy Serum because my hairstylist says that my hair is thinning.
Oh.. This stuff is good. I'm on the second week of using this and I can already notice my fringe doesn't look as flat. I think it does something to the oil production of my scalp. I hope in a month or two, I'm able to see more hair on my head. :P *crossing my fingers*

Until the next post, BIG HUG~

Pam (May Yue)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream

I've been delaying the review of this BB cream for like... forever..

Ok, here goes.. This is the Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream (the regular one without SPF indicated). The one with SPF is Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream.

I first heard about this BB cream at frmheadtotoe's youtube video long, long ago and I put it into my to-try BB cream list. During my crazy BB cream spree period somewhere back in October, this is one of the ones I got of ebay from a  Korean seller. I got the sample size (30ml) in case it breaks me out.

Around RM34 including shipping for a 30ml tube. The picture shown above is a 50ml size one.

The 30ml packaging comes in a squeeze tube with an easy twist cap. Pink and white in color with the carriage logo of Lioele. It is super duper cute. However, the 50ml version will come with a pump dispenser like the above picture.

INGREDIENTS (taken from
water, cyclomethicone, titanium dioxide (Cl 77891), glycerin, dipropylene glycol, talc, hydrogenated polydecene, butylene glycol dicaprylate/dicaprate, cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1, Dimethicone, macadamia intefrifolia seed oil, polygyceryl-3 diisotearate, sorbitan olivate, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, squalane, betaine, magnesium sulfate, dimethicone, distear-dimonium hectorite, plyglutamic acid, iron oxide (Cl 77492), iron oxide (Cl 77491), bisabolol, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, polymethyl methacrylate, allantoin,hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate,phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, propyl paraben, butylparaben, fragrance

This BB cream has a semi-thick consistency. It is not as thick/creamy feeling like L'egere Multi White but slightly thicker than Missha Perfect Cover.
Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream on the back of my hand

It comes in one shade only. I would say that this BB cream matches people with MAC NC20-25 the best. Matches my NC20 skin quite ok and doesn't oxidize much on me throughout the day. I will be even happier if it is slightly lighter. This BB cream has more peachy warm undertones and is not as grey as the Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream.
Lioele BTS BB Cream blended out thickly
Lioele BTS BB Cream after further blending
it matches nicely with my skin

Smells a bit like light baby powder.

This is one of the higher coverage BB creams I've tried. I give it a rating of 6/10 in terms of coverage (medium to high coverage and it is buildable). Covers most of my hyperpigmentations and evens out my skintone very well.
BB cream only. No powder on top..

It doesn't emphasize my pores and bumps and gives me a very natural finish. I can see a healthy glow on my skin. Not as glowy as L'egere but not as matte as Missha. Something in between. Towards midday, I need to blot a bit but that's very normal for me. Some foundations makes me way oilier than this. Recently I start setting my nose and cheeks with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish and that kinda helps. Just thought I'll mention this... The finish is slightly sticky throughout the day but a light dusting of powder can take care of that.
sorry for the blank stare again.. i'm looking at the mirror..

I usually apply with my Sigma F80 (i know you're sick of hearing F80 lol). I stipple it on and buff a bit like how I apply L'egere Multi White BB Cream. A thin layer all over is the best for me. Applying too much makes me look cakey. I tried applying with clean fingers as well and the results are just as good.

This BB cream doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. Doesn't break me out and is quite lasting. Without primer, it stays on fairly well throughout the day except for my nose area due to the oiliness. It is also moisturizing. At the end of the day when I take it off, my skin feels soft and nice. I really like this BB cream. It is so far the best I've tried in 2011. Running closely behind would be the Missha and the L'egere one.
It doesn't indicate any SPF but it doesn't bother me as I'm already used to wearing a separate sunscreen underneath. I will re-buy this in the full size. But ahhh... I said the same thing with the Missha BB cream but I have not repurchase that til now because I'm busy trying out other BB creams. There are so many new BB creams in the market to discover and to try! I'll surely come back to this.. sometime.. in the future.. :P

Have you tried this one before? Do you like it as much as I do?

Until the next post, XOXO~

Pam (May Yue)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

a plushy rose from Charco to you
I listen to this song every valentine.
I dedicate it to you all. I love you all!!!
Let's spread love, appreciate and celebrate not only with our lovers 
but with eeeeeeverybody we love!!

Valentine by Kina Grannis

Love, it's a special day
We should celebrate and appreciate
That you and me found something pretty neat
And I know some say this day is arbitrary

But, it's a good excuse
That I love to use baby
I know what to do baby
I, I will love you
I'll love you
I'll love you

Love, I don't need those things
I don't need no ring
I don't need anything
But you and me, cause in your company
I feel happier, so happy and complete

And it's a good excuse
That I love to use baby
I know what to do baby
I, I will love you
I'll love you
I'll love you

Yeah, it's a good excuse
That I love to use baby
I know what to do baby
I, I will love you
I'll love you
I'll love you

So, won't you be my honeybee?
Giving me kisses all the time
Be mine
Be my valentine

So, won't you be my honeybee?
Giving sweet kisses all the time
Be mine
Be my valentine

Oh oh oh oh oh
Be my Valentine

Pam (May Yue)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Are You Pinterested?

I'm in a silly mood today so I shall share some silly stuff. Heheh.. Recently, I'm addicted to a few sites. One of them is

I've always wanted a pinboard around my house so that I could pin cut outs from magazines that inspires me or things I want to remind myself of so I can look at them whenever I want to. I never got around to making one though. I'm a pro procrastinator. MUAHAHAHAH~

Then I stumble upon Pinterest. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that allows you to pin any pictures you like onto it. You can follow other people's pins and share your pins with your followers. The best thing is you can 'kepoh' go see other people's pins and like, comment and repin them onto your board.

This is so cool to me because I often come across pictures that I like and would like to look at again. I can't save every pic in my computer. That's crazy! My computer would crash from overload of pictures LOL! 

With Pinterest, I can pin and pin and pin non stop. Now I can't stop finding pictures I love and pinning them onto my Pinterest. I can add or delete my pins according to my liking. Cool thing is they also let you organize your pins in different boards. I'll show you a few. (click to enlarge)

i have a soft spot for cute animals so i named this board 'cute animals' duhh
so cute!!
i am crazy about cheese so i dedicated a board to it. 'cheesaholic'
everytime i look at those cheese, i'm like 'sweet jesus' if i can get a taste of those..
gyarus!! onto the board 'gyaru inspirations'
so many kawaii gyarus..
pretty food.. i put these in a board called  'too pretty to eat'
'make up inspirations' where i pin make up looks that i like
quotes or words that i want to remember thus 'quotes'

I still have a few different boards like 'nails', 'fashion', 'home decor' and 'places' but those aren't full yet. 

I am thinking of making a board called 'Pink Stuff' to pin all the pink things I like and a board called 'Memes' to pin all the funny memes and rage comics. 

AHHHH.. Looking at the pictures I pinned makes me happy.. I'm weird right? Yea I know..

I'm having so much fun with this Pinterest that I have to share with you guys. Come join in the fun if you are into pinboards! My username is queerpinkfish. If you are on Pinterest too, tell me your username so I could follow you. :D

Until the next post, love y'all~ muah muah muah~

Pam (May Yue)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

TOKYO from Sigma The Cities Collection

I got this brush set a couple of months ago but I forgot to talk about it. The outer box that arrives with it is crumpled so I didn't bother to take any pictures. I just dove straight into retrieving the brushes and cooing about how nice and pink they are.

They are from Sigma The Cities Collection.

It is available in 4 different colors named after 4 cities :
NEW YORK in black handles and silver ferrules,
TOKYO in hot pink handles and light metallic pink ferrules,
PARIS in coral handles and metallic peach ferrules, and
LONDON in chestnut handles and gold ferrules.

However, the last time I checked, LONDON is the only one left. :(

If you read my blog post before, you probably know how obsessed I am with pink stuff so of course, I got the Tokyo collection.
brushes from left to right :
E05, E60, F30, F15, F05, E35, E45

The brush set consists of 7 brushes and a hot pink container/cannister that can be separated and made into 2 separate brush holders.

(info taken from
Brushes in this kit:
Eye Liner - E05 An extra fine-tipped brush that delivers a precise, firm, even stroke to line the eyes. Synthetic bristles.
Tapered Blending - E35 Fluffy, long-bristled brush with tapered tip. Ideally used to apply and blend color to the crease area and to soften harsh edges. Natural bristles.
Small Tapered Blending - E45 Small domed brush with highly tapered tip. Versatile, this brush can be used to precisely apply and blend intense colors to the crease area. Natural bristles.
Large Shader - E60 Flat shape is ideal for application of cream formulas and eye shadow primers. Natural bristles.
Small Contour - F05 Ideal to apply, blend or contour powder products. The softly rounded dome top smoothly blends color into the face. Natural bristles.
Duo Fibre Powder/Blush - F15 Medium-sized tapered brush. Widely disperses highly pigmented or mineralized powders. Blend of natural and synthetic bristles.
Large Powder - F30 Fluffy and rounded tip. Suitable application of powder products on face or body. Natural bristles.

This is one of my impulse buys because I convinced myself that I need a set of brushes, preferably travel size because I don't have enough variety of brushes. But the main reason I want it is because *shifty eye* it is pink.. *looks down guiltily*

When I find myself using most of the brushes daily, I know that this is a good buy. It kinda compliments what I don't have in my brush collection.

I needed a small contour brush so the F05 is perfect. The size is small enough and bristles are firm enough  to kinda place the color precisely where I wanted before I blend it out. (FYI, I'm getting into contouring now. Still learning. Got my first bronzer/contouring powder just before Chinese New Year) The size and shape of it is very nice to use. Not too big, not too small. Just nice.

The large shader E60 is perfect to just pack on my base eye shadow color. With this, I can apply very quickly because of the big shape.

The blending brushes are nice too. I don't have anything like these. E45's pointed tip is nice for precisely placing colors in the crease area before blending out. The E35 is even better. I use it to blend out the harsh edges of my shadows. Sometimes, I use it to contour my nose or highlight my bridge, cheekbones and cupid's bow because the size is perfect for that. Super multipurpose brush! E35 is my favorite among the bunch.

I need a large powder brush so F30 is perfect. My existing ones are a bit scratchy on the cheeks. This one is soft and fluffy.

And oh, the duo fibre brush F15 is good for lightly placing blush colors onto the cheeks especially if the blush is a strong color. It distributes a softer concentration of color for a more natural look.

The only brush I have not yet even touch is the eyeliner brush E05. I don't own a gel liner so I have nothing to use it with. Maybe sometime in the future I'll get myself a gel liner to play with. :D

However, I wish I waited a bit longer because the Sigma Bunny Collection came out almost immediately after I bought the Tokyo brushes and that set seems very nice as well. I like the blue/pink set a lot. :/ Ah.. nevermind. This set is not bad. :D

If you are interested in Sigma brushes, buy them here (this is an affiliates link) :

So, until the next post, XOXO~

Pam (May Yue)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Acne Clay Cleanser

Yea I know I've gone MIA again. Sowie~~

Excuses : I've kinda lost my blogging mojo. I don't have enough time with coz I'm trying to sleep early and make time to go to the gym as much as possible. My boyfie is hogging the computer to play online games.
Results : No time and mood and chance to blog.

Today, I kinda reflected a bit. I forgot how happy blogging and sharing made me feel. I'm gonna make time and rekindle my mood for blogging. ^_^  I announced to boyfie that the computer is mine tonight no matter what. Hoho~

Today I'm gonna share my thoughts about the Naruko cleanser that made it to my 2011 FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCTS last year.

This stuff is fabulous. I've seen this countless time in other Naruko related videos and blog posts but I've put off buying it until 3 months ago because I was a bit on the fence about clay cleansers... But then I thought, yeah.. I'll give this a try.. AND I LOVE IT! So, of course I have to share it with you..

I've always been very careful about changing cleansers because I have very sensitive skin. Oily, easily dehydrated and acne proned. Those cleansers that can overly dry my face, I avoid like a plague. Clay cleansers usually dry the crap outta my skin.. :(

This clay cleanser is different. I think it draws out oils and impurities from my pores without drying out my skin. That's why my pores look noticeably smaller and my skin don't feel dry or taut after cleansing. I use it together with my Clarisonic and the result is so nice! My face feels so clean and fresh.

(info and picture from
(click picture to enlarge for better reading)
(click picture to enlarge for better reading)


RM29 ish for 120ml (I've seen them as low as RM19 from some site)

Comes in a green, squeezy tube with white wordings as most of the things in the OIL OUT range.

Smells light and minty.

It is a white clay but it's more light/ watery thus easy to spread. It also contains small jojoba beads for mild exfoliation purposes. If you lather it up with your hands, not much foam will form. I used it with a Clarisonic and it foams up much better.

Another thing I love about this cleanser is the menthol/cooling feeling it gives. It is not an extreme cooling sensation. Just mild enough to sooth and refresh my skin. :)
Plus, it is super mild. Not harsh at all. I know because some seeps into my eyes when I'm cleansing and my eyes don't burn. My eyes just feel minty cold. @.@
Sometimes, I leave it on for a few minutes after cleansing as a purifying mask before washing it off.

I highly recommend this to you all with oily to combination skin. I think I've never LOVE a cleanser before. I usually just LIKE cleansers. This one, I LOVE.. That's why it has to be in my 2011 FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

Overall, the Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Acne range have impressed me so much!! I think oily girls will appreciate this range more than those who have normal to dry skin.

Until the next post, stay awesome and thanks for continue to read my blog. I will try to do better. :D

Pam (May Yue)