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About Me!

My name is Pam and welcome to my blog. Why queerpinkfish? Coz I am shy and awkward therefore queer, I love pink and my nickname in Chinese sounds like fish (Yue).

I work as a Dispensing Optician at an optical shop in Kuala Lumpur. Got eye problem? Can come and ask me.. :D

I'm passionate about make-up and beauty and I'm constantly looking for new things to learn and try. I can spend a crazy amount of time online just to surf about these things. I love shopping too especially for make-up and beauty products. Nothing beats the excitement of carrying home a  SASA (or whatever brand) paper bag.. 

I have a soft spot for anything pink, cute, pretty or Japanese. Love the gyaru look!! Love their make-up, their fashion, their hair, their products and their food!! Sushi, Sashimi, Chawanmushi, Ramen~~ Ok nao I'm hungry..  (-__-"). I love VIVI and Popteen magazines. I can't read Chinese or Japanese but I can flip through the magazines again and again just to look at the pictures. Tsubasa Masuwaka, Kumicky Funayama and Lena Fuji RAWKSS!!! I also love the Korean Ulzzang style..

Being a shy and quiet person, I always feel that I express myself better through writing. I can be outgoing and chatty online, but quiet as a mouse if you meet the real me. I just know how to smile.. *SHRUGS* Don't know what's wrong with me.. :/  I've heard someone says that usually people who uses Blackberry are anti-social. No wonder I love my Blackberry so much. I just can't live without it.. LOL! Give me time, as I warm up, I'll be better..

That's pretty much everything I have to say about myself! It will be updated from time to time.. :D